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Quentin Tarantino On Howard Hawks
"He is the single greatest storyteller, all right, in the history of cinema."     - Quentin Tarantino
A Homage Roll By Tararntino on Hawks - Unadulterated!
"Where I'm coming from, it's all about the filmography. I want all my movies to be from the same place. I remember how I came across Howard Hawks; I saw His Girl Friday and I thought that it was the best movie I ever saw. Then I saw To Have and Have Not and didn't like it as much, but I could tell it was a Howard Hawks movie. My aim is that some kid in 50 years time has the same experience with me and my films. At the end of a director's career you don't look at just one movie - you look at all of them."
Quentin Tarantino said Rio Bravo is one of his all-time favorite films, and there is a clear similarity with Hawks in how he handles scenes and dialouge. A perfect example is Reservoir Dogs, where a great deal of the action revolves around the relationship of a group of men who seem to have little in common except a common goal. Hawks, like Tarantino, loved to explore group dynamics which is a driving force in Rio Bravo. The almost slice of life quality or as Tarantino so perfectly put, “It is a great hang-out movie”, and this is one of the unique qualities Hawks possessed; something almost barely noticed because it flows so smoothly. The unpredictable, violent to comical interactions between John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan is the real action, a similar reoccurring theme seen in Tarantino’s films.
Quentin introduces a screening of Hawks' Rio Bravo at Cannes
Quentin On Charlie Rose Talking About Hawks
CHARLIE ROSE: If you had to name - I mean, I, I know you don't want to leave somebody out - who's influenced you the most, filmmakers? You said Howard Hawks-


CHARLIE ROSE: -is one.

QUENTIN TARANTINO: -Hawks is a gigantic influence, but-


QUENTIN TARANTINO: Oh, well, he is the single, as far as for, for my money, he is the single greatest storyteller, all right, in the history of cinema.

CHARLIE ROSE: The single greatest storyteller.

QUENTIN TARANTINO: Yeah. He- and, and, and probably the single most entertaining filmmaker in the history of cinema. It's, it's so funny, because when you get into this- I mean, when you're talking about people who've like, you know, worked for 30 years and have like, you know, 25, 30, 40 films to show for it, you know, the old guys, the pioneers, all-


'It's good to see it so I could say I saw it and everything.' Howard Hawks, except for one movie, never disappointed me. All right, it's like, you know, it's like, even like his, you know, even the ones that didn't get any credit whatsoever, like the ones he did later in his life. like something like, like, like Man's Favorite Sport, which is just basically, this kind of crazy paraphrased remake of Bringing Up Baby, is funny. Is it as good as Bringing Up Baby? No, but it's like really good. It's, it's really funny. Now if I'm going to watch Bringing Up Baby or Man's Favorite Sport, I'll watch Bringing Up Baby. But if Man's Favorite Sport's on TV, I'll watch it in two seconds.
Reservoir Dogs - Trailer (1992)
Rio Bravo - Trailer (1959)
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