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Hawks Movie Stars
The larger than life stars that sprouted from the 1930’s and 1940’s were hallmarks of the Hawks magic formula.
Tough, sexy and dangerous against the elegant, dreamy world of black and white images.
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When Movie Stars Were Larger Than Life

Howard Hawks directed many of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars, often in their most beloved roles. Creating Movie Stars probes his unique ability for discovering talent.
John Wayne
(1907-1979, Red River, Rio Bravo, El Dorado, Rio Lobo)

Tough, genial action hero, and one of the best known and most successful actors ever in Hollywood.
Marilyn Monroe
(1926-1962, Monkey Business, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

Perhaps the most popular and recognizable female movie star of all time.
Cary Grant
(1904-1986, Bringing Up Baby, Only Angels Have Wings, His Girl Friday, I Was a Male War Bride, Monkey Business)

Charismatic  British born leading man with a distinguished 40 year career working in most genres, especially the romantic comedy.
Humphrey Bogart
(1899-1957, To Have And Have Not, The Big Sleep)

Cynical but amiable tough guy who epitomized the film noir attitude of America in the 40’s.
James Cagney
(1899-1986, The Crowd Roars, Ceiling Zero)

One of the most versatile stars of the 30s and 40s, comfortable in action, comedy, drama, and musicals.
Katharine Hepburn
(1907-2003,  Bringing Up Baby)

With her distinctive upper class New England accent, she was of Hollywood’s most reliable, talented and likeable actresses for over 60 years.
Gary Cooper
(1901-1961, Today We Live, Sergeant York, Ball Of Fire)

For 30 years, the embodiment of the strong, silent American hero of integrity and honor.
Rita Hayworth
(1918-1987, Only Angels Have Wings)

Starting as a dancer with her father in the 30’s, she became one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols in the 40s.
Joan Crawford
(1904-1977, Today We Live)

One of Hollywood’s most durable stars, first as a flapper in the 20’s, then as the successful 30s career girl, and finally as the subject of one of Hollywood’s most lurid biographies.
Edward G. Robinson
(1893-1973, Tiger Shark, Barbary Coast)

Dynamic star, 10 years on the stage before a 50 year career in Hollywood, he was quoted "Some people have youth.  Some people have beauty.  I have menace."
Barbara Stanwyck
(1907-1990, Ball of Fire)

Versatile actress known for her husky voice and Brooklyn accent. Her career spanned 7 decades.
Kirk Douglas
(1916- , The Big Sky)

Among the first actors to also produce, his varied body of work includes many tense, virile, and intelligent heroes.
Ginger Rogers
(1911-1995, Monkey Business)

Affectionately remembered for her 30’s musicals with Fred Astaire, her 30 year career also included many comedies and dramas.
Boris Karloff 
(1887-1969, Scarface, The Criminal Code)

Achieved world fame as Frankenstein, but was forever typecast in horror movies, despite his gentle cultured voice.
Rock Hudson
(1925-1985, Man’s Favorite Sport)

Good looking star leading man most popular in light comedy of the 50s and 60s, and television in the 70s.
Montgomery Clift
(1920-1966, Red River)

Lead actor usually in introspective and vulnerable roles. He was the first actor to bring a new, post World War II style of acting to the cinema.
Carole Lombard
(1908-1941, Twentieth Century)

Top screen comedienne of the 30s with an inimitable rangy style, who married Clark Gable, and died in a plane crash at the age of 34.
Walter Brennan
(1894-1974, Barbary Coast, Come And Get It,  Sergeant York, To Have And Have Not, Red River, Rio Bravo)

Popular character actor who began his career playing toothless old men, and continued to do so for 40 years.
Lauren Bacall
(1924- , To Have And Have Not, The Big Sleep)

Brought to Hollywood at 19 by Hawks to star opposite Humphrey Bogart, her career continues into the 21st century.
Walter Huston
(1884-1950, Prizefighter and The Lady, The Criminal Code, The Outlaw)

Canadian character actor, father of John Huston, and grandfather of Angelica, Walter distinguished himself on the stage before a long and successful career in Hollywood.
John Barrymore 
(1884-1942, Twentieth Century)

Romantic movie hero of the 20’s, nicknamed The Great Profile, he gradually wasted his talent on alcohol.
Dean Martin
(1917-1995, Rio Bravo)

After splitting up with partner Jerry Lewis in the 50s, he became a tremendously successful and enduring singer, nightclub entertainer, movie and television star.
Ricky Nelson
(1940-1985, Rio Bravo)

Teenage television star with parents Ozzie and Harriet and brother David (1952-1966), Ricky was also a hugely popular singing star for 30 years
Robert Mitchum
(1917-1997, El Dorado)

He had a 50 year career in Hollywood reliably playing tough guys, surviving scores of inferior films with the sheer force of his sleepy personality.
Jane Russell
(1921- 2011, The Outlaw, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

Jane was brought to Hollywood by Howard Hughes and was most successful in light comedies of the 50s.
Paul Muni
(1896-1967, Scarface)

Distinguished stage actor whose equally distinguished film career lasted 30 years.
Jean Arthur
(1900-1991, Only Angels Have Wings)

Likeable as the determined feminist heroine in many classic comedies of the 30s and 40s.
Joan Collins
(1933- Land Of The Pharaohs)

British sex symbol most popular on American television in the 80’s as Alexis Carrington on Dynasty (1981-1989).
Ann Sheridan
(1915-1967, I Was a Male War Bride)

Cheerful beauty contest winner who became known as the “Oomph Girl , and later developed a tougher edge.
Randolph Scott
(1898-1987, Corvette K-225)

Tough, reliable action hero who spent the second half of his lengthy career exclusively in westerns.
Frances Farmer
(1914-1970, Come And Get It)

Her stay in Hollywood was relatively brief, as she had a difficult time there, her life story was well made with Jessica Lange as Frances in 1984.
John Garfield
(1913-1952, Air Force)

New York stage actor in aggressive and embittered roles, who was blacklisted shortly after forming his own production company.
James Caan
(1939- , Red Line 7000, El Dorado)

Starting with gangster and tough guy roles in the 60s and 70s, he re-emerged in the 90’s with many successful character roles.
Fay Wray
(1907-2004,  Viva Villa)

Canadian actress famously screaming in numerous horror movies of the 30’s, notably King Kong and 2 early Technicolor horrors.
Rosalind Russell
(1908-1976, His Girl Friday)

Dominant actress of the 30s and 40s, usually as career women, her later character roles were often unwise choices.
Angie Dickinson
(1932- , Rio Bravo)

Former National beauty contest winner, most popular as television’s Police Woman (1974-1978).
Ed Asner
(1929- , El Dorado)

Heavyset character actor and activist who started playing tough guys with hearts of gold, most successful on television as Lou Grant in two hit series (1970-1982).
Louise Brooks
(1906-1985, A Girl In Every Port)

Enigmatic sex symbol of the 20s who made her best films in Germany in roles exploiting a corrupt sensuality.
George Takei 
(1940- , Red Line 7000)

Growing up in Allied concentration camps in World War II, this character actor, best known as Sulu on the original Star Trek (1966-1969), famously came out of the closet at age 68.
James Arness
(1923-2011, The Thing)

Tall western hero who found great fame as Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke (1955-1975), one of the most successful shows in television history.
Robert Young
(1907-1998, Today We Live)

Even though he appeared in 125 films, he is best remembered as the beloved title characters of television’s Father Knows Best  (54-60) and Marcus Welby M.D. (1969-1976).
Other Notable Hawks Stars:  Wallace Beery, Myrna Loy, Joel McCrea, Victor McLaglen, Lionel Barrymore, Charles Coburn, Edward Arnold, Paula Prentiss, Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins, Ann Dvorak, George O’Brien, Pat O’Brien, Joan Blondell, Barry Fitzgerald, Thomas Mitchell, Sig Rumann, Franchot Tone, George Raft.
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